Get 10x more attendance


Expand your audience with online viewers

that register through your website.

Attract sponsorship

With broadcast-grade graphics and strategic

placement that generates impressions.

Waive connectivity fee

Stream from anywhere with premium quality and no extra cost.

Elevate your content

With scripted editorial segments that keep

your digital audience watching.

Get audience feedback

With social comments, posts, and polling

integrated with your graphics.

Multiply your video assets

Re-purpose your live content into multi-platform

social video posts for an entire month or more. 

Deliver an exceptional live conference for your digital audience, in just five simple steps:


You bring the Run Sheet.

We bring Storytelling.


The End Result - BMW

BMW unveiled its first-ever X7 concept car at the Dubai International Motor Show. LFNT deployed a series of live webcasts with real-time audience polling built into the overlay graphics to help the client gather on-the-fly audience insight about the newly launched product.





1. Actual results reported by our clients. The number is compared to physical attendance data gathered from previous events. This reach has been achieved with a targeted social marketing campaign run prior to the event.

2. According to this survey made by,  one of the leading streaming technology providers. Internal experiments conducted at LFNT between 2017 and 2018 with our own live

content tend to confirm this claim, as generally, a professionally-produced live broadcast had

higher viewership and engagement numbers than an improvised one.

3. According to the streaming technology provider Dacast.

4. Data extracted from Live Streaming Statistics Infographic and corroborated with an internal 

survey made with our clients between 2017 and 2019.

5. According to Impact Learning Centre.

6. Based on feedback information collected from our clients between 2016 to 2019.

7. The highest reported concern according to our client meeting records.

8. Statistic published by Facebook prioritizes live content above regular video posts

in the feed, to push the live content above anything else.

9. As of 2020, Twitter hosted 1300 live-streamed events and 80% of them reached a global audience. Data provided here.

10. In a survey done by New York Magazine and published by

11. Based on an internal qualitative survey run between 2017 to 2018 on results delivered to our clients.

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